Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My New Bedroom: Kate Spade Style

Hello, all! I move to school in less than a month and this year, my roommate and I are moving into an apartment! This is practically unheard of at my school. Generally, universities make you stay on campus the first year. Miami requires that you live on campus both your first and second year. So, my roommate and I were gearing up for another 2 semesters in the dorm. However, the university accepted too many freshman and were short almost 300 beds. To solve the problem, they subleases from 2 different student apartment complexes. Read more about it here. So, A and I will be sharing our apartment with two other girls.

Moving from the dorm to the apartment means switching from a Twin XL (the dorm standard) to a full sized bed. As I was thinking about the new bedding I have to buy (which I love buying new bedding), I was thinking about changing things up a bit. Last year, my roommate and I went with a gray and purple color scheme. As I was looking through Pinterest, I had an idea. So, I did what I do and started a new board. After finding many inspiration pins, and making many lists of what exactly I will do with my new bedroom, I have decided. I will have Kate Spade inspired decor! I am very excited for all of the DIYs to come and have already began.

The first thing I had to decide was a pattern/color scheme. Thinking Kate Spade, I decided gold polka dots, blacks/white stripes and a bold pink. As I have scrounged Pinterest for inspiration pictures, these are the best ones that I have rounded up. Fear not, lovely readers, I will of course be posting before and after pictures of my new bedroom. The areas I will be focusing on will  be my bed, desk and wall decoration.

I will very excitedly be moving in August 21st and will most likely spend the entire weekend unpacking and decorating. I am excited for the new adventure that the upcoming school year brings, and I hope that you fellow students feel the same. Have a good day all!

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