Thursday, February 27, 2014

Playlist: A Little Bit of Sunshine

Alright, my lovelies! Here is playlist number two!

It seems to be that the opinion on country music is hit or miss: you either LOVE country music or you HATE country music. I am one of those people who love country music. I'm not a crazy die hard fan, but I do love it. And as much as I do, even I realize that country music finds its place mostly in the summer time. So here is playlist number two, A Little Bit of Sunshine, my mix of the newer, up-beat country songs. So roll down the windows, enjoy the summer air and turn up the radio.

My Adventures in Online School Part One

Good evening my lovelies!

So, I have moved, many, many times. Switching schools just as many times. The most relevant was when I moved to Indiana the summer before 8th grade. Then I moved to Cincinnati most of the way through my Junior year. After deciding that we didn't like Cincy, we moved to Columbus. Now, I don't know what the rest of you would do in my situation, and I had a SERIOUS case of senoritis(the same case I've had since winter final freshman year). (But really, who doesn't?) And I DID NOT want to switch schools again since I was so close to graduation. So I decided that I was going to finish my year online.

And let me tell you, it has been a pain in the butt!! We started with Connections Academy, but they made enrollment VERY difficult, put everything on us, and offered no help. We were quickly approaching the deadline and we were staring a huge problem in the face. So we looked at ECOT. And they made everything pretty easy. Yesterday I set up my classes and today I actually got to start!

Now I am well aware that being excited about school makes me weird. Well, then I will embrace the weirdness! Because, I have always been one of those people who loved school. And I will admit that school its self is not fun. The getting up early and the crappy food and the pointless socialization rituals. It all seems pretty pointless to me. But the learning. That's what I love. I am one of those people who has always craved knowledge. I love the learn new things. One of the reasons I have looked forward to college my entire life is because you can learn anything you want, anything in the world is right there in front of you. (But excuse me, I'm rambling) 

It has been a strange experience and I look forward to getting up every morning, sans the annoying 6 am alarm, and taking my time to get around in the morning. Then wandering into my room to sit down at my desk and doing work as quickly or as slowly as I need to. So, my lovelies. While you are crawling out of bed before the sun is up and clawing for your coffee, I will be enjoying my nice, warm, comfy bed. Not that I'm bragging, or anything. 

To be continued...

Monday, February 24, 2014

Where do you go?

Good evening my lovelies. (by the by, the time stamps on all of my posts are three hours behind. So even though my computer says that right now it is 5:36, it is actually 8:36. So yes, it is evening.)

So, I have this book, "642 Things to Write About: Young Writers Edition" It's a pretty cool book. It gives you a bunch, 642 to be exact, of prompts and you just write. Which is good, because lately I seem to be suffering from writers block, so this helps to knock down that very annoying wall.  ANYWAY, every couple of pages there is a page of 2 by 2 squares, each having its own prompt. And I look at some of these prompts and think "There is no way I can fit any good amount of writing in these little squares." And then there are the prompts that I think "psh! I won't even need half the square." So, I though that I would share with you one of the prompts and my answer.

"Tomorrow you will be dropped off at the airport with a suitcase filled with money. You're told to go anywhere you want. Where do you go?" (Okay, seriously I could write a senior-thesis length response on this one if I really wanted to.)

I live in nowhere Ohio, where we have been battling sub-freezing weather for three months, so the first thing I do is go to California. But, even before that, you will find me making a quick (psh! more like day-long) shopping stop at the Mall of America. *que the scary music* (Now most girls would probably say shopping in New York or London or Rodeo Dr. but I'm not one for Prada and Chanel. I think I'll stick with my PAC Sun t-shirts and my low-top Converse.) I would probably have to hire someone to carry all of my bags, or push a cart full of them. But hey, suitcase full of money! And oh! the shoes I would buy! Converse in every color! Vans in every print! Every pair of cute flip flops I could find! Because, after all, who doesn't love shoes?

After picking up a new wardrobe, complete with new EVERYTHING, in Minysoda (yes, I am aware of how to correctly spell Minnesota) I am jumping on a plane to California! Where I would live, until I could pick up my passport from the post office. Then I am off to the Caribbean, where the sun shines all day and the water is so clear you look like you're floating on air. (oh yeah! and somewhere in there, I'll stop and grab my 3 best friends so I have some company.) 

We would live in some beautiful Caribbean resort, letting the cute male staff members wait on us, until we had run the suitcase filled with money to emptiness and then we'd all go home. Hopefully by then, winter will have passed and we won't be coming home to an ice box.

Let's just all take a minute to imagine how great this vacation would be:

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ode To A Best Friend

Okay, so go to Google and type in "define: ode" and here is what comes up, "a lyric poem in the form of an address to a particular subject, often elevated in style or manner and written in varied or irregular meter." Now I'm not a big poetry person, and even if I was I probably wouldn't admit it, so I'm not going to make this an actual poem. But I like the name, so let's keep it.

And by the by, this post was somewhat a request and somewhat a complaint, she knows who she is.

I can say that I am not 100% sure how I met this girl. But here is what I do remember: we were in the eighth grade (ugh! middle school!) and I got kicked out of my lunch table, reasons still unbeknownst to me, and a friend of mine invited me to sit at her table. Enter Jessica. She was one of the other girls at the table. And I don't know why we became friends because just between you and me, she was a little weird and not someone I would normally hang out with. Because she was, you know, all nice and crap. And did I mention how weird her boyfriend was?

Somehow, we became best friends. We have spent weekends together at her lake house. I was there for her first and only real breakup, even though she did the breaking. She was there a few months later when I went through something similar. We were there for each other when we needed to find our first prom dresses. I deal with her big butt and she deals with my big mouth. Somehow, she got me through honors English during sophomore year. For which I will always admire her because I'm sure that was not an easy task. But at the same time, I got her through Algebra two at the same time, because she sucks at math. Which is, very possibly, the only thing in the world she is good at. 

And now, after moving away from her and then moving again, even further, our bond is stronger than ever (sounds dorky I know). She has introduced me to so many new things and new experiences that I would be a much duller person without her. And I'm not just saying that because I know she's reading this. 

If you ask me, I have become the person I actually am, mostly, over the last five or six years. And with out her, I would be a very different person (probably a much meaner person without her niceties to help level me out). But on the flip side, I think that without me, she wouldn't have gotten the presidential award in gym class freshman year because, being the dancer and the flexible one, I helped her get the sit n' reach score she needed. And she wouldn't have had the courage to dump that meat head at the end of sophomore year.

And now, I sit at my computer scrounging for wedding ideas because together, we are planner her perfect wedding to her perfect guy. Because she is such an amazing person that I, as the maid of honor, will accept nothing better than perfect for her wedding. Even if I have to kill someone to make that happen.

If you ask her she'll say that every tall girl needs a short best friend (even though we're almost the same height) and if you ask me, I'll say that every ginger needs a brunette best friend. I love you Jessica Paige, and whether you like it or not, you're stuck with me for a really long time. 

Playlist: Music For A Rainy Day

Alright my lovelies, here is the first of many playlists I will contribute to the world. This one is "Music For A Rainy Day". You'll come to learn that sometimes my playlists will have normal names and sometimes they will have names that makes sense to no one but me, but that's okay. 
When I'm about to go to bed and I need to relax and unwind, I listen to playlists of this assortment. These songs, I don't know what it is about them, but they relax me. These songs almost physically calm my muscles. So take a listen, if you like it, good. If you don't like it, well at least you tried.

23 Things About Me

1. There are almost always socks on my bathroom floor.
2. My q-tips almost never make it into the trash can.
3. I only enjoy coke when I'm eating pizza.
4. I am more than determined to become a doctor.
5. Music has gotten me through many, many things.
6. I am a terrible speller and without spell check I would be a pariah. 
7. I always write in cursive.
8. I am proud of my tattoos, even though I'm not yet 18.
9. Yes, I put an 's' on tattoo.
10. I can't wait to go to college.
11. I love Spiderman, but Thor is my favorite.
12. I love seeing the color red in random places.
13. I am a ginger.
14. I love cats, and plan to end up a cat lady.
15. The name of the wi-fi at my house is "Pretty Fly for a Wi Fi"
16. I am a HUGE fangirl.
17. I love Star Wars, but I like either the early or late ones better than the other.
18. I love many fruits but hate almost all vegetables.
19. I hate bananas and banana flavored things. (That is not a euphemism.)
20. I love to prop my feet up. 
21. Getting my nails done is one of my favorite pastimes. 
22. I get overly sentimental.
23. I have a serious, serious shopping problem.