Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How I Am Preparing For The New Semester

Hello, all. Hopefully everyone's weeks started out well. Fourth of July is over, which means that school supplies are beginning to populating the "seasonal" section at Target. I don't know about the rest of you, but this is my favorite time of year. I will forever love new school-supplies: pencils, notebooks, highlighters, pens. I could go on and on but, you get the point. As the new semester approaches, I get more and more excited and I try to find more and more things to do to get prepared. 

1. Make a list!
Here's a list of thinks you could make lists for: (see a theme here? check out my post on lists)
a. Packing list for moving back to school
b. School supplies
c. Textbooks that you need to buy
d. Anything you need to buy for your dorm
e. Toiletries to buy for school
f. Things to need to get done before school (ie. Hair cut, clothes shopping, etc.)

2. Shop!
If you're headed into your first year of college, then this is probably the most amount of pre-school shopping you've ever done. You get to basically equip a whole new room. Make sure you don't forget anything! 
If you're headed into a new semester in general, don't forget a few key items. such as: fresh school supplies, a few wardrobe staples, textbooks, a school bag, etc. 

3. Spruce up your wardrobe!
I know, this could be lumped together with Shop! But wardrobe shopping is a thing of its own. Check back later for a late summer/fall fashion post! Grab yourself a new pair of shoes, a couple pairs of your favorite jeans, a few graphic t's while everything is at back-to-school prices. Who doesn't love a sale!

4. Familiarize yourself with your textbook!
Now, this one is a subjective. Some people prefer to actually get to class and talk to the professor before they order their textbooks. I prefer to order my textbooks before hand, that way I can shop around online and get the best deal possible. I like to familiarize myself with my textbooks before I start the semester. This way, I can scan over the content and know what I'm going to be learning. So far, I have read the introductory chapter of the two books I have bought. I am also going through and pulling out the vocal words by chapter. That way I can get a head start on what I'm going to be studying over the next few months. 

5. Read up on your professors!
Take advantage of Rate My Professor. Even if your specific course isn't listed in the reviews, you can get a feel for what kind of teacher your future professor is. That way you know what to expect and aren't blindsided when you don't do your reading and there is a pop quiz!

6. Take a look at your schedule!
Sit down and write out your schedule. Look at your free time. Look at the buildings your classes are in. What food is closest? Where is the most centralized parking lot? Look for blocks of time that can be used for studying. Don't forget to put in some Netflix time!

7. Don't forget to enjoy the rest of your break!
School can be stressful, so don't forget to enjoy the free time you have left while you still have it. As much you may love school, you will miss your free time. So, enjoy it before it's gone.

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