Thursday, July 2, 2015

My Life in Lists

Good morning, all. It's been a while, I know. But really, I would be surprised if you haven't come to expect that from me by now. Let's just say I'm pretty comparable to Lorelai Gilmore with her catalogue project. I pick something up, work on it a little bit and then put it down for months at a time. As you'll notice, we have a bit of a look change here at Prep You Very Much. I felt it was time for a change. There is more to come, in time.

I have a type-A personality. I take control of everything. In my life, there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. Why? Because I'm a list maker. I spend my life making lists. Grocery lists, shopping lists, packing lists, class lists, to-do lists, contact lists, textbook lists. The "notes" section in my Lilly planner is spilling over with lists. Lists on the pages, lists on post-it notes. Its how I stay organized. Its how I stay sane. 

Quick anecdote: Last year, when I was preparing for my freshman year of college, I had pages and pages of lists. I had a list of everything I needed to take with me. I had a list of everything I had to buy, separated by categories. I had a list of things I had left to do. When I finally packed everything up in Ikea bags (what aren't they good for?), I inventoried everything and made lists of what was in each bag, including the sub-bags.

While that may seem a bit excessive and a bit obsessive, it's how I stay organized. I may have had a folder of lists (each in a sheet protector) but I also left for Oxford that morning knowing that I had everything I needed. (By the way, you never can think of and pack EVERYTHING that you will need in college. You'll buy more and more stuff as the year goes on. Just accept it.) 

The point is, I like lists. It's how I stay focused in school. It's how I remembered to pack everything for both prom weekends. It's how I stay sane in my every day life. If you find that you have organization problems. If you find that there is always something you're forgetting to pack on your way to the beach, or something you're always forgetting at the grocery store, or are always forgetting that one assignment, make a list. Say it with me "Make a list." They are beautiful, wonderful, magical things they keep life in order. 

To all I say, have a good day. Oh! and Happy Fourth of July Weekend! 

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