Sunday, February 22, 2015

To Someone With A Pair Of Cool Shoes

Good afternoon everyone! The weather has been very wintery lately. Two weekends ago (three weekends?) the weather was absolutely beautiful. In some places of Ohio it was in the 60s! Here in Oxford it was a beautiful low 50 degrees. For 2 days straight! It was absolutely incredible! But lately, as you all know, it has been ridiculously cold. So cold that being outside for more than 15 minutes put you at risk for frost bite. Then, Friday night and Saturday morning, we got a ridiculous amount of snow. But sufficed to say, we are all ready for spring.

When the weather is this sucky, its nice to have those little shiny moments that make it better. Early last week I was sitting in the student center eating lunch when someone knocked on the table in front of me, told me they liked my shoes, placed an envelope on the table and walked away. I had never seen this person before and don't know if I ever will again. The envelope read: "To: someone with a pair of cool shoes." (Incase you're wondering, I was wearing my pink Coach rain boots.)

I open up the envelope to find some very cute stationary and a note written in purple pen. The note reads:

"Dear Person with cool shoes;

I don't know you, but your shoes must be really nice if you're getting this. This is just a letter to remind you that you're fantastic. No matter what is happening in your life at the moment, I hope you remember how great you are! You deserve a wonderful semester and I hope this brightens your day a bit. Sorry for the crappy handwriting, but hey! Purple pen, so it makes it better. Anyways, whatever stresses you have, just breathe and be awesome. It'll all be okay, snow/cold weather doesn't last forever, so neither do bad days. Sounded super cheesy, but I hope you appreciate the thought. If you're having a boring dat at least you can at least say you got a random letter. Doesn't happen everyday, does it? Unless it does for you, which would be awesome... But with shoes like those I wouldn't be surprised!

Best Wished, LVT."

LVT, I know not who you are, but that was quite the addition to my day. Thank you for your generosity, thinking of others, and making the effort to improve other's days. 

Until next time, my lovelies...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tattoo Tuesday... Er Wednesday

Good afternoon, my darlings! Today is a wonderful day! It it super nice outside for it being February 4th, and good weather always makes me happy. I am so sorry, I know I promised you a fun surprise yesterday and I didn't deliver! *insert emoji of monkey covering his eyes* I got so busy yesterday that I got caught up in everything I was doing. I didn't get to eat until 4:00, if that is indicative of my day. 

SO! My big surprise that I had yesterday isn't quite as snappy today as it was yesterday. But, we're going to pretend that it is Tuesday. My big surprise is a reveal of my newest tattoo. I have been wanting another one (Now I have 3) for quite some time now. When I went to visit my dad, he took me to his artist. So, I thought I would show it off! And take you guys through the process, for any of you who are interested. *DISCLAIMER* This is my personal experience, everyone takes pain differently, so keep that in mind.

So, I went in to the shop know what I wanted and where it was going to go. I sat down at the counter and Daryl and I found the right pictures online and he played around with photoshop so that it all looked right. After I looked it over and double, triple checked it, he printed it off and ran it through his fancy machine that made the printout a stencil.  
I know you can't see it very well, but here is the stencil on my leg. 

After he got the stencil put on, he went to work. I haven't gotten ink in a couple years, so it took me a minute or two to get used to the feeling of the tattoo gun. 

After he had gotten the outline done, he went out to take a smoke break. When he came back and started filling in the frame, my skin had gotten tender enough that it started to be pretty uncomfortable. But I stayed as still as I could. I cannot stand when I see or hear of people crying and pouting and wiggling and complaining. So, I stayed still and I didn't say anything. Once he got to filling in my flowers, I started to calm down a bit. 

Here is the finished product! I absolutely love it! It is everything I wanted and I think its gorgeous! For anyone who asks, the phrase is "I am fueled by all forms of failure. I paid the price. So, I'll take what's mine." It is the opening 2 lines of a song called "Sticks and Bricks" by A Day To Remember. 

That is all for today. I hope everyone enjoys this lovely Wednesday!

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Bell Jar

Good afternoon, my dears!

I know I promised you something almost a week ago, but when I started to type up the adventures of my very long, 6-week winter break, I felt as if what I was typing was pointless. I'm not sure why this feeling came over me, but it was a wave of indifference to what I was writing about. And since then, I haven't been able to think of what I would come up with worthy of your time.

However, currently, I am in between classes, and while I have enough time to make it to my dorm and back, I feel I will be more productive if I stay where I am and study. And yet, I am in the mood to listen to music. And its pretty hard to do one of the many readings I have to do while listening to music that is not instrumental. Normally, when I'm in this mood, I do what ever math I have to do. But I don't have my stats lecture until later today, so I don't have any math to do until then.

There are many things I could blog about. I could blog about how disappointed I was with the last 20 seconds of last night's Superbowl. I could talk about how its rush week here at Miami, which is really just amusing for me. I could talk about how I find it strange that the guy sitting across from me seems enthralled by  Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar, and how strange I find it. I could complain about the sub-par fries I had with my lunch. I could complain about how god damn cold it is. I could explain the struggle I am having finding a title for this post and how I took a page from Tyler Oakley's book and named my post after a minute detail in it. I could explain how much I dislike my english class this semester. I could numerate the struggles of being a dancer and having permanent bruises on my knees from the dance I'm choreographing for our spring showcase. Instead, I'll just do this, numerate the things I could be saying.

Come back again tomorrow for a fun surprise.