Friday, July 31, 2015

College Supply Must-Haves

Hello, all! As school quickly approaches (I know high schoolers who have already gone back!), it's time for another school-oriented post. I have always been a school supply junkie! From early on in elementary school, I would make my lists and spend my time shopping for just the perfect supplies. The "Back To School" sections in Staples and Target are like Wonderland for me! (No, really!!) I was one of those ridiculously organized students in high school who has a binder for every class with perfect tab dividers. I knew where every single piece of paper was, if a friend needed to borrow notes, I knew exactly where to find them! However, I knew that college would be different. There aren't numbers hand outs to keep track of and you're in charge of taking your own notes. So, here are a few ideas of the school supply must-haves for college!

1. Computer: Preferably a laptop. Unless you are some sort of Computer Science major or Graphics Design major, I suggest the Macbook Air. I prefer Apple computer over another kind of PC. (Have I mentioned that I vehemently hate Windows?) The Macbook Air is built to be extra-lightweight and runs wonderfully. The Mac running system (OS-X) is super user friendly! They also have a student discount with any valid .edu email address. Take a look here.

2. Bag: Everyone needs a bag, you can't carry everything you need around without a bag. My favorite is the Kate Spade tote (get it here). For days when all I need is my laptop, I carry around my Michael Kors Hamilton bag (get it here.) I have noticed that the Longchamp totes are also very popular and seemingly sturdy (get it here.)

3. Planner: I have gone on and on about how important planners are in the college life. Take a look at my post about choosing the right one for you here. My favorite are the Lilly Pulitzer. Get a 2015-2016 here.

4. Phone Charger: Either carry around a phone charger or a portable spare battery. You either do this from the beginning or you learn quickly that I'm not just suggesting this.

5. Pens/Pencils: Colorful pens are very helpful when re-writing notes and of course pencils are a basic need (especially in any kind of math class.)

6. Post-It Notes: As I mentioned in a post earlier, lists are my life. They keep me organized and I use them on a daily basis. Post-it notes are great for jotting down small lists and sticking them wherever I need. They're also good for reminders or little motivational quotes. They're also a good way to communicate from roommate to roommate (but don't be passive-agressive.)

7. Stapler & Staples: Professors will except you to turn in a stapled paper. And in college, essays and papers are NOT limited to English classes. If you don't turn in a stapled assignment, your professor might not except it. Save yourself the trouble and pick up a stapler and some extra staples. 

8. Notebooks: Taking notes is YOUR responsibility in college. Professors will not hand out fill-in the blank note sheets to fill out while they teach. Notebooks are a great way to keep all of your notes in one place without the hassle of loose leaf paper.

9. Highlighters: Much like colored pens, highlighters are important for note talking. Also, they're great for use when you're reading textbooks. 

10. Index Cards: This is somewhat optional, though I highly recommend it. Note cards are great for studying, especially if you're taking a foreign language. However, there are many apps that provide an electronic version of note cards.

11. Flash Drive: You'll want a flash drive to save your work on. Nothing is worse than finishing up a paper the night before its due (at 2:00 am no doubt) and having your computer crash. Not only do you have a dead computer, but you not have no paper. So save yourself a meltdown and buy a flash drive to double-save your work on.

12. Binders/Folders/File Folders: You will probably want some sort of way to keep track of your old exams, old papers, any handouts, your multiple syllabi (syllabuses?). I have a filing system with file folders and a label maker, but you might want something a little less formal like a binder or folders. 


13. Water Bottle: Every food place on my campus lets you fill up your water bottle for free, so I carry one around and fill it up between classes. Its healthier than drinking soda, and also cheaper than paying $1.80 for a small soda.

14. Headphones: I am someone who loves music, so for me it is a terrible, terrible day if I forget my headphones. Getting from class to class is easier when you can jam out to music. 

15. Hair Ties: Ladies, this one's for you (or you guys with long hair.) Sometimes the day is windier than we expected and all we want is our hair out of our face. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty much genetically programmed to carry a hair-tie on my wrist. These kind that double as cute accessories are gentler on your hair than the basic black elastic. You can get them almost anywhere. Plus, they're pretty darn cute!

16. Gum/Mints: Sometimes you just get that icky taste in your mouth (is that the scientific term?) and you really want some gum. Toss a pack in your bag and you'll be happy you had it one day.

17. Hand Sanitizer: Especially during cold season, this stuff is great! The little ones from Bath & Body Works are my favorite, and they smell so good! 

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