Friday, January 2, 2015

Good Bye, Richard

On Wednesday, I was sitting at home, watching tv with my BFF who was up from Dayton for NYE. I had been texting my mom on and off all day about our day's adventure trying to find dresses for that night's festivities. I heard my phone rings from across the room and though, "who is calling me?" I turned over my phone and saw that it was my mom, so I answered. When she asked me what I was doing, I was a little confused but told her that I was sitting at home watching tv (even though I was standing at the time.) Even more strange, she replied with "oh good." She then told me that Edward Herman had died. I was completely stunned.

For those of you who do not know, Edward Herman is an actor who started on the stage around the age of 30. But for me, I know him as Richard Gilmore, the loving, quite, sometimes sullen, brilliant father of Lorelai Gilmore and grandfather to Rory Gilmore. Over the 7-season run of Gilmore, I grew to love Richard, and thought Edward was the absolute perfect fit for the role. He has filled many other roles, and from what I have seen, did so wonderfully.

Edward, you will be missed. Rest in peace. Until next time, my dears...

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