Thursday, January 15, 2015


Good morning everyone. I have a few announcements for you, so please listen up.

If you would please take a moment to look at your address bar, you would notice that technically, you are not at the same website you were at yesterday. Because I'm sure you all check my blog daily. ;)

Previously, I was This is no longer a registered blogspot blog. So, feel free to use it. You are now at (I'm not going to link that, because you're already here.) 

I changed my name for a new reasons. A. soon after I register my 642 things domain, I regretted it. I thought that it was too long, it wan't catchy, and it was generally displeasing. Also, since I didn't like the name I chose, I picked a different phrase for the title of my blog. Therefore, the address and title of my blog were not the same, which I did not like. So, now the title and address of my blog are the same, and a tad catchier (if you ask me). 

You may notice a few other minor changed here and there, but nothing big. (Psh! As if a name change isn't big.) 

Also, I go back to school in a little less than a week and a half. In that time I will have some family visiting at my home and then I will be visiting my dad for a few days. So, you might not hear from me until after I get back to school and settled in. I will most likely write something up and set it to release in that time frame, so that way y'all aren't just left hanging. 

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