Thursday, November 20, 2014

November Ipsy Bag Review

Happy Thursday my lovelies! We are almost done with the week AND one week from today, I will be stuffing my face with delicious food surrounded by my favorite members of my family. 

So, here is what I have for you today: my November Ipsy bag review. For those of you who don't know Ipsy is a great beauty subscription website where you pay $10 a month and get a goody bag of beauty products. They have a general sample of items each month, but they personalize each bag. For example, my first month (Sept 2014) I got this AH-MA-ZING Avon Big & Daring volumizing mascara. I LOVE it! But my best friend's roommate didn't get that in her Ipsy bag. Plus, each month you get a super cute little bag. 

This November bag is my third bag, and so far, the products have been pretty hit-and-miss. My first month I got the wonderful Avon mascara I mentioned, and I also got a finishing powder from Be A Bombshell Cosmetics, and I use that every day. It is a godsend! I love it so much! But there was a hand cream in that one that I think smells like old ladies. My second bag went over a little better, I got this absolutely wonderful Ayres body butter with jasmine and rosemary oil. It smells absolutely wonderful and is so nice to my hands. And the liquid eye liner I got that month is pretty great. 

So, finally, this month. This month's bag is super cute. Its all glitter with a pink zipper. However, I was a little disappointed with the contents of this month's bag.

Product 1: Marc Anthony True Professionals Oil of Morocco Argon Oil Hair Spray.
This is a sulfate free, fast drying, extra hold, volume hair spray. I love it! It doesn't have that hair spray smell and it doesn't come out super liquid-y like a lot of there hair sprays do, it feels more like air. But it does its job as a hair spray. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't need like a super strong hold, but a more relaxed hold. It's fairly inexpensive. A can is on;y $8.99 from Walgreens, (find it here) And for good hair spray, I don't think that's too pricey.

Product 2: Birchsap Moisturizing Lotion by SeaRx
Okay, I love this! It has a super great, fresh smell. I love the formula, its thin but not oily. (Sorry guys, not a lot to say about this one other than I like it.) Brand wise, its a little pricey for me, so I probably won't be purchasing it in the future, but I loved the sample and you can get it here.

P.S. My feet are dead asleep. Agh!!

Product 3: Bye Bye Under Eye (R) Concealer by it Cosmetics
This is a full coverage, anti-aging, waterproof concealer. And is stamped as one of their Best Sellers on their website and I don't doubt that it is, but I have a very mixed review. When I first put it on, I thought, "Oh my god. What am I putting on my poor face?" It was super cake-y and thick almost hard to blend. After working with it a little bit, it got easier to move around and blend. And once it dried, it didn't feel heavy on my face and it actually did a really good job of concealing my under-eye circles. A small amount does go a very long way. And maybe by the time i've gone through the ravel-size tube I was given I can decide if I want to purchase it. (which you can do here) For now, I'm still not sure how I feel about it.

Product 4: Ultra Olive Pencil Eyeliner by Starlooks
Okay, I am not much of an eye liner person in the first place, mostly because I kind of suck at it, and partly because it just doesn't look uber awesome on me. I'm more of a mascara girl. And truthfully, I'm super unlikely to ever use this guy because he is not only olive green, but sparkly. But for the sake of my review, I have used him once. It glided on pretty smoothly for a pencil, however, it also came right off with a q-tip, leaving nothing behind. So, if you're looking for a long-wearing pencil, I would not recommend this. Other, than that, I don't have much to say. If you're interested, you can find it here.

Product 5: Wonder Lip Paint in Mad Splatter by J. Cats Beauty
Looking at the shade, I was a little excited to try this out. And one thing I love about Ipsy is that you fill out your skin type information and thats one way they personalize your stuff. And I have no idea how to pick out lip colors for myself, so I feel like Ipsy does that for me. So, I was super excited for this. It ended up being the only product I was disappointed by. As a stain it works really well, so well that I advise you to be careful! But I was very disappointed with the shade. In the tube its a raspberry color, but when applied, its a strawberry color. There is just too much of a difference if you ask me. And I don't think it looked very good on. So, I would not recommend this. But, if you are interested, you can get it here

Thats all I have for you today. Let me know what you guys think of your November Ipsy bags. We're almost through the week guys. We can do it! Everything should be linked above, if its not, just let me know and I will fix it! I highly recommend Ipsy if you like subscription boxes. And plus, every month, it comes in a bright, shiny pink envelope. Who doesn't love getting that in the mail? Have a good weekend guys! Until next time, my lovelies...

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