Tuesday, November 18, 2014

About Time for a Study Tips Post

Good morning, my lovely snow flakes. The beautiful Oxford campus of Miami University got its first layer of snow yesterday, and it is absolutely picturesque. For those of you who have snow, I hope you can enjoy it and aren't too bitter about it. And for those of you who do not, your time will come (unless you live in Florida, or something) 

But anyway, I don't know about you guys, but in the months before college, I combed Pinterest for any kind of useful college pin. Whether it was dorm decorating tips, or studying tips, or dorm organization hacks, or a what to pack/buy checklist, or just funny jokes about college, if it was a descent pin, it made it onto my college board. My board has now accumulated something like 230 pins. So, I thought I would make a pin-worthy (hopefully) college post of my own. Here it is: Study Tips As Told By Shelby.

Study Tip #1: Get a planner/agenda.
What ever you want to call it, get one. I sincerely do not know what I would do without my Lilly Pulitzer planner. I have the size large, and I absolutely love it. It goes everywhere with me, even to ballet. I use it to remind myself of study dates, of due dates and to schedule specific study time. I also color code with highlighters for each class. This thing is my child! Without it, I would be a hot mess.

Study Tip #2: Go to class.
Go to class. Plain and simple. Undoubtedly, you are paying a good chunk of change to attend your chosen university, so don't be a bone head. Go to class. Not going to class is the same thing as throwing your money at nothing. If you don't go to class, you miss important information. When you miss important information, you can't study properly. When you can't study properly, you can't pass your exams. When you can't pass you exams, you can't pass you classes. When you can't pass your class, you fail out of college. When you fail out of college, you end up living at home and working at McDonalds. When you live at home and work at McDonalds then you end up hating your life. And then I will say, "see, don't you wish you went to class back in college." So, go to class.

Study Tip #3: Notes.
NOTES! NOTES! NOTES! Can you guess what this one is about? (Chuckles quietly) But seriously, guys, notes are so important. This goes hand in hand with going to class. Please go to class. Go to class and take notes. More times than not, professors will say things in class that will be on the exam, but aren't in your textbook. If you don't take good notes, learn. Look online, ask a friend, ask you professor. Do whatever you need to do to take the best notes for you. (Side bar: The best notes for your neighbor are not always the best notes for you.) point: Notes are important. Take them. Review them. Love them.

Study Tip #4: Make use of your time.
This one is important. You aren't in high school anymore, you can't just get up, go to classes and not do anything until you're completely done for the day. That 35 minutes in-between two classes? Use it to go over notes. That pesky 2 hours in-between chem and bio (a personal example) I use it to be productive. Sometimes I clean, sometimes I study, sometimes I eat, sometimes I do all three. And don't think you have to go back to your dorm when you have a gap. If the library is closer than your dorm, then go study at the library, they aren't as busy in the middle of the day anyway. If your library isn't that close. Go to a dinning hall, find a table, grab some food and study. The point? Use your in-between time wisely. Don't just sit on your computer watching Netflix waiting for your next class to start.

Study Tip #5: Find a study buddy.
This is something that I just discovered this past week, and I'm grateful I did, but I wish I had found it out a few months ago. But hey, learning process, right? Anyways, find someone to study with. Your roommate, your lab partner, the girl who you chit-chat with in class, someone, anyone. People are resources. You'll be better off learning this as early as possible. So, book a study room or find a quiet corner of a restaurant, grab your study buddy and make use of each other. 

Study Tip #6: Know how YOU study.
As I said earlier, the best notes for you aren't always the best notes for someone else. This goes for study methods too. The best way that you study for your exams isn't always the best way someone else does. So, learn what works best for you. If its rewriting your notes multiple times, if its reading every word of the text book, if its teaching an imaginary person your material, if its flashcards, whatever it is, find it. 

Study Tip #7: Download SelfControl (Macs only)
Sorry, PC users, this one is only for Macs. the SelfControl App is a wonderful tool. Its free and super easy to use. It keeps you from flipping onto Facebook or perusing Pinterest or wandering around twitter. Just download it, its such a help!

Study Tip #8: Study in advance.
Read: "Study in moderation." I'm sure you've all heard that all nighters are bad for you. While they do work occasionally, an all-nighter is not the best way to get things done. So, here's the best way:
1. Review a little at a time. Read over your notes every night. 
2. Make sure you understand things. When you go over things early, it gives you the chance to ask questions. Don't understand something? Thats okay, just ask. 
3. Review in chunks. On the weekends, go over everything you learned that week. Again, make sure you understand everything.
The point? You will remember things better if you look at them every day. so: Review. Review. Review.

Alright, my darlings. That's all I have for you today. Got some great study tips of your own? Comment them below for others to see and use! Until next time, my lovelies...