Sunday, November 23, 2014

How I Study

Hello! Last week I published a post on my top 8 study tips. So, I thought I would follow that up with a post about how I personally study. As I said last week, what works for my may not work for you. But, for those of you who never studied in high school and need some ideas to get them kick-started in their college studying endeavors, look no further! So, I now present how I study:

  • I got to class. What a shock! I put a lot of emphasis on this in my study tips post, but yes, I do practice what I preach. 
  • I print out the power points. Especially for my bio class where its practically required, I print out the power point before class so I can spend more time listening and not furiously writing down everything on the slide. This also gives me the opportunity to write comments on diagrams and such. 
  • I listen to classical music while I study. Personally, I cannot stand silence, especially while I'm studying. If I am studying, and my dorm is quite, it actually distracts me. So, heres what I do: I listen to the "Intense Studying" playlist on Spotify. It is 14 and a half hours of instrumental, classical music. While I feel a bit like I'm sitting in Panera, it does help me concentrate and focus.
  • I keep a planner. Again, I put some focus on this last week, but seriously guys, I cannot tell you how much my planner helps me. I will easily forget about a 10-point assignment for english, or about a 1-page paper for psychology, but when I look at my planner, I am constantly reminded. I have developed a great system that works so well for me.
    • I write my big due dates in the month view and the week view. ie. exams, big papers, big group projects, etc.
    • I write everything down. Easy 10-point assignment not due until next week? Write it down. 25-point biology assignment that requires a trip to the museum? Write it down. Ballet class? Write it down. Study date with my lab partner? Write it down. 
    • I schedule study time. For example, tomorrow after my last class, I am scheduled to work on my bio lab report for an hour and this weekend I am scheduled to start studying for my chemistry lab final for an hour.
    • I color code with highlighters. Any time I am scheduling to work on psych or have a psych deadline, I highlight it in purple. Any time I am working on whatever English paper I have due next, I highlight it in orange. Every class has a color. Everything gets highlights in the right color.
A semi-blurry pic of a week in my Lilly Pulitzer planner. 
  • I keep my desk organized. I'm a big organization person, so this is a big one for me. Everything has a place. Everything is in that place. I have desk organizers that I use to organize my supplies and I have magazine holder that organize my notebooks, lab books, and the textbooks that fit. I try to keep my desk cleaned off at all times, but sometimes I slack. Overall, my desk is kept pretty clean, neat and organized.
My clean, for now, desk. 
  • I take notes. Again, this is something I highlighted last week. But taking good notes is important. My note-taking method changes depending on the class. In psych, I take notes on my computer. In bio, I print off the power points. In chem, I take a notebook and many colored pens to class. 
  • I review my notes. For my bio notes, I review them on tuesday and thursdays (the days I don't have that class). I review my psych notes on the weekends and before quizzes. When I'm studying for my psych exams, I write out my notes and highlight the most important parts. When I'm studying for my bio exams, I turn the power points into written note form. 
  • I have found what works best when studying for exams. For each subject, I have a routine when I study for that exam.
    • Psych: I write out my typed notes and go over them with a highlighter. I use blue for definitions, green for important ideas and purple for other important ideas that have lists. I also have my book open while I'm doing this just incase there's something that I don't completely understand. Then I type up an outline for each chapter. Then I make notecards for the important definitions. 
    • Biology: I write out the power points and go over them with the same high lighter system. I type of the notes. I type up an outline. I make flashcards of the important definitions and ideas. I make sure that I understand and can replicate all of the diagrams and figures. 
    • Chem: I re-write my notes into a different notebook. I re-work the example problems the professor did in class. I work the extra example problems he gives us. I work the problems from last year's exam.
  • I study in advance. Or rather, I try. Sometimes I get busy and don't start studying for my Wednesday exam until Sunday, but I've only had to pull 1 all-nighter this year, so it seems to be going smoothly. 
So, that's about it. If you have any questions about how I do things, feel free to ask below :) Until next time, my lovelies...

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