Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hello, New Semester!

As I begin to wrap up the last little bit of my summer, I find it a good time to reflect back and to look ahead. When I was accepted into Miami University on December 15, 2013, I only thought I knew what that meant. Who knew I could fall so deeply in love with a place? I've only spent one year in Oxford, and I already consider this tiny Ohio town my home. I know that when I go back next week, everything will fit into place without a single hitch.

The last year could not have been a better first year of college. I met some awesome new people and did pretty cool things (like almost falling off a small cliff). I spend too much time at my desk and made up for it over the weekends. I fully embraced college and let it shape me, and I'm only 1/4 of the way done (with my undergrad).

I look forward onto this year with a smile and the knowledge that it will be just as great or even better than this year. I look to the great classes I am taking and the awesome apartment that my roommate and I are lucky to have, and I can say that I look forward to the nights that I will spend hunched over a desk with a pencil in my hand because that's what college is for. I look forward to the nights that I will spend with my friends, laughing until we cry, dancing until we fall down and having the time of our lives. I look forward to another wonderful year with the Miami Ballet Corps and the great things our new leadership will plan for us. I look forward to another year to cheer on the Miami Hockey team and hopefully a more successful football season. I look forward to another year to "gently" remind my roommate to pick up her stuff, even though deep down I love her and her messiness. I look forward to another year of watching my beautiful campus change with the season.

As I once again pack up my stuff to move back to Oxford, I am filled to the brim with excitement. So, hopefully I can pass some to you. Or maybe you have as much as I do? Either way, let's be excited for the new year together. Mostly because if you start off with a negative attitude, how is it going to be a good year? So, as corny as this all sounds, get over it. College is supposed to be fun, yes?

So, as the new year begins, embrace it, enjoy it. Before you know it, midterms will be here.

Have a good day, all. Go Redhawks!

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