Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Artist Spotlight: Saint Asonia

Good afternoon, all! While at Rock on The Range this year, I had the pleasure of seeing Saint Asonia for their world premiere. The artist slotted for the first Sunday spot on the main Monster stage was "Special Guest." I was up in the stands with my mom and brother while we were talking (over text) with our cousins who were down on the field about who the "Special Guest" was. While showing a #ROTR twitter feed on the jumbotron, we saw that someone said something about being excited to see Saint Asonia perform. Since they weren't on the lineup anywhere we figured that was who the special guest was. Not long after, we got a text from our cousin who said that it was Adam Gontier's new band (formerly of Three Days Grace.) However, my brother was convinced that the name of Adam's new band was named something differently, so we looked online but couldn't find anything. Then, we got another text saying that the mic stand on stage was most definitely Adam's mic stand. So, me the die hard Three Days Grace fan that I am (not so much anymore with the new singer) rushed down to the field to see them from as close as I could. I ended up pretty damn close to the stage and got to see the first show ever that Saint Asonia will play.
Saint Asonia frontman Adam Gontier.

Saint Asonia is a "super band" whose members include: Adam Gontier on guitar and vocals (Three Days Grace), Mike Mushock on guitar (Staind), Corey Lowery on bass (Eye Empire and Dark New Day), and Rich Beddoe on drums (Finger Eleven).
Saint Asonia drummer Rich Beddoe and frontman Adam Gontier.
The band was formed in Toronto, Canada and "Asonia" is a noun meaning tone deaf. However, if you heard Adam sing, he is certainly not tone deaf. Asonia is on RCA records. The band released their first single, "Better Place" May 15th. Next was "Blow Me Wide Open" on June 29th. "Let Me Live My Life" was released July 17 and "Fairy Tale" 10 days later and "Trying To Catch Up With The World" was released two days before the album.

Their self titled album was released only a few days ago on July 31st, listing 11 songs. The same day the band released their first music video for their first single "Better Place."

As a long time fan of Adam's voice in Three Days Grace, it was pretty great to hear he was doing something new, and to be able to see their first performance ever. Take a look at their music video and their channel on Youtube. You can buy their CD on iTunes or at Best Buy, Target and FYE. Their about to kick off their tour, check out their dates at SaintAsonia.com.
Saint Asonia frontman Adam Gontier walked down the center of the crowd. 

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