Friday, October 10, 2014

A Peek Into My New Life

Well, hello there my sugar plums! Thanks for staying with me.
As I have not informed you very well (again, sorry), I am now a college student. And holy shit is college different! You high schoolers who think you know what you're walking into are sorely mistaken. Let me preface the rest of this update by saying that I fully recognize that I am a mere freshman have have learned only a fraction of what college is like, but that doesn't mean I don't know something... Stop laughing ass holes. For those of you who don't know, which I'm guessing is all of you, I am a student at Miami University in Oxford, Oh. And somewhere among the ivy covered brick buildings, many tress and even more frat houses, you'll find me. (Not that you'd ever find me in a frat house, I prefer band boys.)

So here's what I've learned, and yes, I'm going to number, because I am a strong, independent black woman who don't need no man! (That was just too good to not stick in there.)

1. You learn to love your sleep. Before college, I almost never took naps. Now, I take naps at least every Thursday (after that pesky 8 am lab). So yes, you will nap, something my roommate is an expert in. Even if you aren't up late studying, you will be up late. This I promise. College really screws up you're normal schedule (at least it did for me. I've never been a night owl.) So here's what I advise, GET USED TO IT. Because, honey, it isn't going to change any time soon.

2. Do not schedule anything before 10:00 if you are not a morning person. This is a big one, gals and gents. I, am a morning person, so I can handle my 8:30's pretty well. But, if you are not a person who can handle the crisp morning air, do yourself a favor and schedule wisely. Because, you may think that you're a morning person because you had to get up early for high school, but there is a difference between knowing that you can handle your mornings and thinking you can.

3. If you're dumb enough to schedule 8:30 classes, take it like a man. And this can be applied to many other things, but seriously. Don't be the little bitch that does nothing but complain about their 8:30 classes. Either shut up, stop complaining and go to class. So stay in bed and figure out how to pass anyway.

4. Speaking of going to class, get to know your classes. Now, this one has parts. So, let's continue the outline form.
     a. When I say get to know your class, I mean, get a feeling for the course. For example, my M/W/F chem lecture is a class that if I absolutely have to, I can skip. As long as I get the notes from someone and make sure that I understand the notes. Also, he doesn't take attendance because it's pretty hard to keep track of 200 people. However, my M/T/R/F psych lecture is a terrible idea to skip. A, because I actually like the professor and the class. B, because he takes attendance. and C, because I'm a psych major so if I start off wanting to skip my Intro to Psych class, I'm off to a bad start.
    b. However, I also mean get to know your class mates, or at least a few. For multiply reasons. 1. Because study groups make things easier. and 2. When you do skip class, you'll need someone to get the notes from. 3. And finally, sitting in a class where you know absolutely no one, is no fun. Make some friends! Or at least say hi!

5. As surprising as it might be, yes, partying actually happens in college! *gasp* Okay, so this one is pretty sarcastic, but its mostly geared towards you people who choose to stay sober.
    a. If you don't want to drink, that's fine. Don't drink. But don't make a big deal about it because I'll tell you right now, no one cares. Don't flaunt it around like you're morally superior. Simply enjoy never having to deal with a hangover and keep your trap shut.
   b. If you do stay sober and have friends that don't, please be nice enough to keep an eye on that friend. Just, don't be that asshole that absolutely refuses to even be around alcohol and in turn leaves their friend metaphorically, or literally, out in the cold.

6. If your college has Yik Yak, download it. It is a wonderful source of amusement and can make your day so much better.

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