Monday, February 24, 2014

Where do you go?

Good evening my lovelies. (by the by, the time stamps on all of my posts are three hours behind. So even though my computer says that right now it is 5:36, it is actually 8:36. So yes, it is evening.)

So, I have this book, "642 Things to Write About: Young Writers Edition" It's a pretty cool book. It gives you a bunch, 642 to be exact, of prompts and you just write. Which is good, because lately I seem to be suffering from writers block, so this helps to knock down that very annoying wall.  ANYWAY, every couple of pages there is a page of 2 by 2 squares, each having its own prompt. And I look at some of these prompts and think "There is no way I can fit any good amount of writing in these little squares." And then there are the prompts that I think "psh! I won't even need half the square." So, I though that I would share with you one of the prompts and my answer.

"Tomorrow you will be dropped off at the airport with a suitcase filled with money. You're told to go anywhere you want. Where do you go?" (Okay, seriously I could write a senior-thesis length response on this one if I really wanted to.)

I live in nowhere Ohio, where we have been battling sub-freezing weather for three months, so the first thing I do is go to California. But, even before that, you will find me making a quick (psh! more like day-long) shopping stop at the Mall of America. *que the scary music* (Now most girls would probably say shopping in New York or London or Rodeo Dr. but I'm not one for Prada and Chanel. I think I'll stick with my PAC Sun t-shirts and my low-top Converse.) I would probably have to hire someone to carry all of my bags, or push a cart full of them. But hey, suitcase full of money! And oh! the shoes I would buy! Converse in every color! Vans in every print! Every pair of cute flip flops I could find! Because, after all, who doesn't love shoes?

After picking up a new wardrobe, complete with new EVERYTHING, in Minysoda (yes, I am aware of how to correctly spell Minnesota) I am jumping on a plane to California! Where I would live, until I could pick up my passport from the post office. Then I am off to the Caribbean, where the sun shines all day and the water is so clear you look like you're floating on air. (oh yeah! and somewhere in there, I'll stop and grab my 3 best friends so I have some company.) 

We would live in some beautiful Caribbean resort, letting the cute male staff members wait on us, until we had run the suitcase filled with money to emptiness and then we'd all go home. Hopefully by then, winter will have passed and we won't be coming home to an ice box.

Let's just all take a minute to imagine how great this vacation would be:

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