Monday, January 4, 2016

A Fond Look at 2015

I feel like the general consensus of the internet was that 2015 wasn't that great. I have my days where I agree, 2015 was a little rough. But what is the point of life if we only focus on the negatives? So, I take a look back on the fun, positive things that happened in 2015.

I started off the year with some new ink and a new semester. I was especially excited for the classes I was taking, beginning the actual classes for my major and starting to learn Italian.

February and March:
February was a very exciting month as my best friend since the 4th grade got engaged!! (geez are we old!) I also got involved in a research lab during the beginning months of the semester. It has proved to be an absolutely amazing opportunity. I also should probably have my own room in the psych building, I'm there so much. I spent these two months studying, in the lab, and in the dance studio!

The 2014-2015 Miami Ballet Corps
April was a very busy month! I had my first show with the Miami Ballet Corps on the 13th. Two days later, I did one of the craziest things I've ever done! I cut my hair! *gasp* I have not tried to change my hair style pretty much since the 7th grade. Then this year, I just decided to make a change. I cut something like 7 inches off and never felt better!
Goodbye long hair!
The MBC Spring Showcase
I finished my first year of college!! After the stress of finals week, I was more than ready to pack up my room and go home. But saying goodbye to the friends I had made, the horribly wonderful 13x9 dorm room, and the amazing roommate I spent too much time with was very bittersweet. As I said goodbye to Miami for the next three months, I looked forward to the summer with eager anticipation. Soon after getting home, it was time for my favorite weekend of the entire year. Rock On The Range!! Three full days of stadium food, band merch, and amazing concerts. I got to see one of my top five favorite bands and was absolutely blown away!
The aftermath of unloading everything from school... Where am I supposed to fit?
The crowd at Rock On The Range day 3... something like 100,000 people.
I turned 19! Woo hoo? 19 seems like a pretty lame-duck age. Nothing exciting happens and you're already an adult. I did take a birthday road trip with my best friends and roommate to Cedar Point!
You might as well call us the Three Musketeers.
Our dorm room was 307. Our hotel room was 307. Aren't we cool.
My beautiful roommate and I continued our tradition (does two years count as a tradition?) of attending the Alternative Press Music Awards. I had a summer filled with concerts (just as it should be) and this was a wonderful one.
Our annual Celeb Selfie ft. Tony Perry of Pierce The Veil
Another new tattoo! I wish I could successfully explain to you how busy my August was! The weeks leading up to going to school were filled with to-do lists and lots of apartment shopping. Speaking of: I moved into my own apartment! That's not a big deal or anything. A new apartment and a new semester! August was a big month!
Who doesn't want a selfie with Frank the dog?
She said it was wet, so she wanted to dry it off. (It had healing stuff on it)
Our trip to Ikea for apartment shopping. 
Our own apartment!
So. Much. Lab. Work. I spent a good chunk of time in the lab, but more time in the lab means more time filling up the experience meter! I spent September being a social butterfly (weird, right?) and finally got my roommate to come out with me and enjoy the night life that Oxford has to offer.

Labor day family fun! 
The name of the party was Red, White, and Jew... Them frat boys think they're so clever.
Our fall photo shoot for dance was a success!
We love our new apartment, but really we love that we aren't in a tiny dorm and have room to do things like lay on the floor.
October was a very, very busy month. I went to my first NFL game! Go Bengals! I spent a good chunk of time in the studio choreographing and teaching my first group number (just a tad scary.) I also had many late nights finishing up an application for a undergraduate research award (and was approved!!!). Also, did a pretty kick butt job doing my roommate's halloween makeup!
First NFL game with the beau. Go Bengals!
This gem came up from UK to visit us.  
Our second halloween together. <3 I would say that she's only not smiling because of her costume, but she very often doesn't smile in pictures.
November and December:
Three concerts in two months! Had some fun exploring the night life in Dayton (who doesn't love a good drag show?) Also, has some cute impromptu middle of the night driving fun with the beau. Seriously struggled my way through finals and yet pulled out the best semester GPA I've gotten so far. I was very pleased with my efforts during finals weeks and couldn't have been more happy!
Late night drives to the middle of Indiana produce fun memories and interesting photographs.
The Instagram caption on this reads: "All Time Low with All Time Bae." I know I'm a caption connoisseur. 
How was your 2015? Life has its ups and downs, but if we only focus on the negatives then we aren't really living life, are we? Make sure to take time to reflect on the great things that happened in your life in 2015, and be thankful that you made it to 2016. (Hmm, did that get a little to cliche? Oh well)

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