Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Staying Healthy in College

Good afternoon, my dearies! I don't know about where you are, but today was an absolutely beautiful day here in Oxford. It got into the low 60s and was sunny all day. It was pretty darn spectacular. You could tell, walking around campus that spirits were up. I generally like Wednesdays since I only have two classes, but today felt like the first real day of spring which really made me like today.

I thought I would take some time to share with you guys my healthy tips for college. Its very easy to snack in college, eat late at night, drink your calories and not make time for exercise. I thought I would give you guys and idea of what to do to stay healthy, certain things I do and things I probably should do. I'll divide them into categories to make it a little bit more organized, we all know how obsessive controlling I am.

Eating and Drinking

  • Don't eat junk food: No, really. Keep off the junk food. The best way to avoid it? Don't keep it in your room. In fact, keep other foods in your room. Healthy things like string cheese and popcorn. Crackers and hummus. Fruit. Yogurt. Hard boiled eggs. 
  • WATER: Lots and lots of it. Cold water burns more calories and personally, is my favorite.
  • Snacking: Granola bars and protein bars are your best bet. Keep them in your bag incase you get hungry during class. 
  • Drinking: Whilst drinking, don't drink empty calories. Just because you're sitting down with your friends for wings and nachos doesn't mean you need a beer. That's empty calories you don't need. And, when you do drink chase everything with water.
  • Don't drink soda in excess: If you're going to drink soda at all, which I don't recommend, try to limit it to one a day. Also, balance that soda out with water. 
  • Get friendly with the salad bar: Mix it up, try new salad ingredients. 

  • Walk to class: no, really. Walking to class is way more beneficial then you might think. And, if its nice out, then go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. 
  • Use the gym: Your tuition includes a gym membership to your school rec center. Thankfully, our's is only a 5 minute walk from my dorm. Take advantage of that. After all, you're already paying for it. 
  • Weave workouts into your week: Try to spend some time exercising on a regular basis. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my busy days, so obviously I don't make it to the rec on those days. I usually go on Saturday and Sunday mornings and I try to make it at least twice during the week. A reminder from Elle Woods that exercise is good and has serious benefits:

  • Take a class: Find a yoga class, or Zumba, or pilaties. Something you know you'll enjoy that will get your blood moving and your heart rate up. 

Miscellaneous Things
  • Don't drink and drive: You can't be healthy and happy if you're dead or in jail for someone else being dead.
  • Stay positive: Its easier to be healthy when you're positive and happy. That's it. Plain and simple.
  • Avoid stress: Let's cut the crap, college is stressful. However, try your best avoid that. Do what ever you've got to do to relax. Whether that's a Netflix binge, or a quick run outside, or sitting down with a book and some tea. Find your thing and enjoy it. 
  • Sleep: As above, so here. Sleep isn't bountiful in college. Get it when you can, where you can. But try to make an attempt to get as many zzz's as possible. 

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