Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tattoo Tuesday... Er Wednesday

Good afternoon, my darlings! Today is a wonderful day! It it super nice outside for it being February 4th, and good weather always makes me happy. I am so sorry, I know I promised you a fun surprise yesterday and I didn't deliver! *insert emoji of monkey covering his eyes* I got so busy yesterday that I got caught up in everything I was doing. I didn't get to eat until 4:00, if that is indicative of my day. 

SO! My big surprise that I had yesterday isn't quite as snappy today as it was yesterday. But, we're going to pretend that it is Tuesday. My big surprise is a reveal of my newest tattoo. I have been wanting another one (Now I have 3) for quite some time now. When I went to visit my dad, he took me to his artist. So, I thought I would show it off! And take you guys through the process, for any of you who are interested. *DISCLAIMER* This is my personal experience, everyone takes pain differently, so keep that in mind.

So, I went in to the shop know what I wanted and where it was going to go. I sat down at the counter and Daryl and I found the right pictures online and he played around with photoshop so that it all looked right. After I looked it over and double, triple checked it, he printed it off and ran it through his fancy machine that made the printout a stencil.  
I know you can't see it very well, but here is the stencil on my leg. 

After he got the stencil put on, he went to work. I haven't gotten ink in a couple years, so it took me a minute or two to get used to the feeling of the tattoo gun. 

After he had gotten the outline done, he went out to take a smoke break. When he came back and started filling in the frame, my skin had gotten tender enough that it started to be pretty uncomfortable. But I stayed as still as I could. I cannot stand when I see or hear of people crying and pouting and wiggling and complaining. So, I stayed still and I didn't say anything. Once he got to filling in my flowers, I started to calm down a bit. 

Here is the finished product! I absolutely love it! It is everything I wanted and I think its gorgeous! For anyone who asks, the phrase is "I am fueled by all forms of failure. I paid the price. So, I'll take what's mine." It is the opening 2 lines of a song called "Sticks and Bricks" by A Day To Remember. 

That is all for today. I hope everyone enjoys this lovely Wednesday!

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