Saturday, December 27, 2014

That Will Be All For Tonight

Good evening, all. Tonight I have something a tad different for you all. I try to keep things on here generally light and unbiased. But tonight, you won't be reading more study tips, or listening to a new playlist, or be reading make up reviews. Tonight, I'm going to say my peace, and if you're still with me after that, then thank you. 

I have always been independent. As a child, as an adolescent, and as a young adult. Along with being independence comes being a strong person. I am also have my opinions. I am intelligent and I can back up my opinions with more than "because that's what I think." Earlier tonight I had typed up this entire post, which will be shared later. But then, I read the whole thing and thought, that's kind of heavy, should I really post this? Or should I just rewrite it without the substance and let my blog keep its norm. 

So, here's my peace: I will say what I please. I will express my opinion when I feel. And if I want to write a post about the best way to decorate for the current season, then I will. If I want to post about the upcoming primary presidential elections and the campaigning that will accompany it, then I will. Not because this is my blog, even though it is, but because that is who I am. I am a person. I have many facets. I am not going to shut down some of those facets just to fit a certain outline of how my blog should be written. 

So, with that you have a choice: continue to join me when I post, or never visit my page again. But from my little corner of the internet, I can say that I hope you continue to join me. I promise I will try to keep my opinions in check and I will not alway post heavy-handed topics. In the future, please expect more organization tips, more posts about how in love I am with college, but also, my opinions on some topics that you may not agree with. Again, I hope you continue to join me. 

With that, I bid you good night. Until next time, my lovelies...

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