Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Preparation That Goes Into Perfection

PROM! Limos. Dresses. Tuxedos. Taffeta. Corsages. Shoes. Jewelry. Dinner. Lipstick.

We all know the drill. We all know the dream. What every freshman girl dreams of. And the lucky ones even get to go their Freshman or Sophomore year. But the rest of us get to wait. And when Junior year finally rolls around and it's time to find that special dress, the panic ensues. The dress. The shoes. The jewelry. The makeup. The hair. Suddenly, everything matters. And if you're like me, a serious control freak, everything needs to be perfect. And maybe the first time around everything seems easy. Considering we ladies have almost a blank slate when it comes to the kind of dress you can pick, its way easy the first time. So let me say, you "lucky" girls that get to go all four, or even three years, I do not envy you. I get to go to prom twice and looking for a dress for senior prom was a pain in my butt! Finding a dress for Junior prom was seemingly easy. But this year, no black, no high-lo (all qualities of last years dress.)

 So this year I needed to find a not black dress that was full length. And with my red hair, I was really hoping that I would find a green dress and fall in love with it (especially if it was olive green). Much to my surprise, I did find a green dress that was just the right shade of Olive, but boy was it ugly! So I had to change my mind up a little bit. And yes, I was secretly wanting the big poofy princess dress (who doesn't?), but I was actually aiming towards a mermaid style dress for this year. Don't ask me why.

So I kept looking, and looking, and looking. I looked through probably every prom dress pin on Pinterest and wasn't finding anything that I liked. So I looked through the Seventeen Prom edition, which I have found inspirational in the past. And only found 2, yes i said TWO, dresses that I would actually wear. Which was pretty disheartening. And at this point, I'm beginning to contemplate not even going. So I'm looking through WANELO, just for kicks and giggles, and I found a beautiful dress that should have been probably $300, but instead it was $97. Yeah NINETY-SEVEN US DOLLARS. So I clicked on the link, not that I wanted that dress in particular, but I was bored. And what I found was a shop on Etsy (a weakness of mine) of a women who custom makes prom dresses for way cheap. So I started looking at the reviews. And she has raving customers. So I take a look at her dresses, somewhere around 200 of them, and fell in love with this particular one. It is a simple blue ball gown with a beaded bodice, sash, and sweetheart neckline. I fell in love! (with the price two) and the real kicker, she custom makes the dress, to your measurement!

After looking and searching, I finally found the perfect shoes today! EEK! And snatched them up! Now that I have my shoes, I can send my measurements and order my dress. Prom 2014, here I come! (You juniors better not screw it up!)

Now, for you girls who haven't found you dress yet. Don't worry it will happen! Have faith! And look EVERYWHERE! Trust me, I know how scary it is, starring the looming big date right in the face and having no clue what you even want for a dress. My two best friends still haven't found their dresses yet and are waiting for me to visit over spring break to go shopping (we have a long distance relationship). So I fell like I will be a magic key to helping them find their dress, eek! That's a lot of pressure! But I'm up for the challenge! Jessica, I helped you find your dress last year, I can help you find it again this year. Even with your crazy demands! 

Until next time, my lovelies...

And if you're wondering what my shoes and dress look like:

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