Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Let Your Fangirl Flag Fly

Okay, I'm going to let my fangirl show. So, no judging! One of my biggest ships (even though I'm still not exactly sure what that means. thanks tumblr) is Logan and Veronica from Veronica Mars (I've made a reference or two in previous posts: That Weird Thing We Call Family) A C.W. television show about a tough, snarky, resourceful, teenage private detective. For those of you who don't know, VMars throws herself into the murder case of her best friend in the coastal, materialistic, movie-star filled town of Neptune, California. During the 3 seasons of the show, VMars finds herself in cases ranging from dog napping and parent info-digging to missing persons to multiple homicide. The show is filled with a stellar character rapport and the quick wit of writer/director Rob Thomas.

So the point of my babbling... With the release of the movie (it was killer by the by!!) my mom changed her computer background to one of Logan and Veronica. It was a simple picture. Now, I, a photo-edit-internet junkie knew I could find something a little more mentally fulfilling. So I got on Google and started looking through the images for "Logan and Veronica." I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for, but I knew I wanted some sort of edited collage of the best LoVe moments. Finding nothing I decided to make my own, thinking it would be a simply process. Holy Cow was wrong! (and I don't usually admit that).

I had to find the pictures I wanted. THEN crop out the certain sections of each pic that I wanted. THEN I had to actually design the edit. Like where I wanted each pic to be and how I wanted them to fit together. THEN I had to make it look good, not like a basic elementary collage. THEN I had to find some sort of quote or lyric that fit the whole relationship. and even worse than that was finding a text color that blended with the picture.

So, I now share with you my edit. Now, please don't be mean with your thoughts. This was my first edit like this. I had no idea how it was going to turn out and hoped for the best. I think it turned out quite well and it is now the wallpaper for my computer. So, once again, no mean thoughts!
Until next time my lovelies, enjoy the pretty picture!

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